We Take Care Of Your Beauty

Leah Applegate

I've been helping people look beautiful and feel great about themselves for more than twenty years. I learned the art of eyebrow threading when I was just a teenager. I was fortunate to have a great teacher and learned to properly shape eyebrows based on my clients' individual tastes and features. I spent many years honing my skills and have not backed away from an eyebrow challenge, ever. Now eyebrows are not the only thing I do. If you have the problem or unwanted facial hair, I can take care of that as well. If you need to be cleared of follicles on other areas of your body I can also do waxing. I am a fully trained aesthetician so I can work on a variety of skin issues including acne, scarring, age spots and more. You can find all my services here, I am conveniently located in historic Portland in a beautiful old house that was converted into offices. Next time you need a little touch-up, whether it be hair or skin, call me I will be happy to get you scheduled.